Five misconceptions about car rentals

If you don’t frequently rent a vehicle, you may fall prey to a few common misconceptions about car rentals that can cause you to spend excessively or deal with inconveniences regarding your car rental Toronto.

The following are five common misconceptions it’s important that you’re aware of when you rent a vehicle:

It’s best to rent from large, well known companies.

Smaller, lesser known companies that operate only locally often offer much better prices and services on a rental in a particular area. Don’t assume that you should only work with big name companies. Shop around for the best deal rather than being drawn toward company names that you recognize.

Car rental companies only accept credit cards.

You can rent a car with either a credit card or a debit card. These days, rental companies are becoming increasingly more willing to rent a car to a customer who’s paying with a debit card. If you don’t have a credit card but you want to rent, shop around and you can probably find a company who will accept a debit card.

Car rental offices are open around the clock.

Unless you’re renting from an office at an airport, your car rental office is probably going to close at some point. It’s important to be aware of the office’s hours. If you bring in a car after hours, you’ll mostly likely have to pay for another day.

All rental companies are the same.

Discount Car rental companies differ significantly in terms of what types of vehicles they offer, how much they charge per day, and how much of a deposit they’ll put on your card when you rent.

Research the company you’re renting from before you rent. Consider what you’re particular needs are and find a company who can meet these needs for the best possible rental during your trip.

You’ll be given the same class of car that you booked beforehand.

A rental car is typically a wild card. You never know exactly what make and model of vehicle you’re going to get until you get into the office and start the process of signing your rental contract.

Not only could your make and model be different than you were expecting, but the class of vehicle you get could be a surprise as well. You may be upgraded to a larger vehicle when you rent, but you shouldn’t have to pay more if you’ve already made a reservation for a less expensive rental.