7 Must Try Authentic Thai Delicacies Only Found in Thailand

Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn

When you hear about Thai food, the term “spicy” or Pad Thai may get tossed around a bit. When discussing cuisines and distinct areas of Thailand, the Thai cuisine can be “accurately described as five regional cuisines, corresponding to the five main regions of Thailand” as noted on Wikipedia.com.

Wikipedia lists those five regions of Thai cuisine as Bangkok (Teochew and Portuguese Influence), Central Thai, Isan (Northeastern Thai Cuisine), Northern Thai, and Southern Thai. When considering authentic Thai cuisine, here are seven authentic delicacies you will only find in Thailand.

#1 Pla Rad Prik

Pla Rad Prik

The translation of “Pla Rad Prik” is defined as “chili-covered fish.” Although Foodrepublic.com notes that grouper and striped bass are both excellent fish to choose for this dish and that the contents of the head are the best part of this spicy, fish dish.

#2 Hoy Kraeng

Hoy Kraeng

Hoy Kraeng is a real delicacy in that it is connected with blood. The seafood-related name is translated as “blood cockles.” Indeed, there is a brown, almost iron colored fluid coming from these shellfish, which are quintessential Bangkok street fare and also very popular. For shellfish lovers who want a real delicacy, Hoy Kraeng is a Thai dish worth eating.

#3 Gaeng Som Pla Chon

Gaeng Som Pla Chon

If you are in the mood for quite a rare fish than Gaeng Som Pla Chon or Snake Head Fish is what you want to savor in Thailand. While the Gaeng Som Pla Chon is traditionally matched with the hot and sour soup, you should always make sure to have the snakehead fish and soup with a side of this vegetable, pak grachet (water mimosa) with this dish.

#4 Kuay Teow Reua

Kuay Teow Reua
Translated as “boat noodles,” Kuay Teow Reua has a history of locals in Thailand buying noodle dishes straight from a vendor’s boat. A blog published on Migrationology.com about Authentic Thai cuisines noted about this authentic Thai cuisines that “these specialty bowls of Thai noodles are a treasured culinary masterpiece cherished by nearly all Thais.”

#5 Miang Pla Too

Miang Pla Too

Although Pork and Shrimp can be top fare for many Thai dishes, Miang Plant Too, which consists of Mackerel, fried, lettuce, herbs, and rice noodle, with a hot sauce of chili base, and you will be enjoying a meal that is generally eaten at a leisurely pace.

#6 Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn

Hor Mok Ma Prow Awn

Translated as seafood curry in coconut, if you like coconut flesh and cream integrated with a delicious mix of seafood, then this is an authentic delicacy with a sweet taste that you will genuinely enjoy. The look of this dish is also worth noting as well since it is encapsulated in a young coconut.

#7 Gaeng Tai Pla

The fish kidney curry dish, which is distinctly southern Thai, is a stew of fish kidney and grilled fish that is spicy and salty. Vegetables like carrots and bamboo shoots make this stew quite thick in consistency.